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The secret is out about business intelligence solutions: they represent some of the most effective IT-based management tools available today.

Tap the Full Potential of Their Data by Turning Desktops into Control Centers Through Business Intelligence

The secret is out about business intelligence solutions: they represent some of the most effective IT-based management tools available today. By giving actionable shape to unstructured data, they create a foundation for sound managerial decision-making, granting competitive advantage to enterprises as diverse as banks, telcos, manufacturers, healthcare providers, educators, insurance firms, utilities, and the full range of government agencies. BI can help reduce costs through process performance analysis. It can reveal opportunities for new products and revenue streams. It can quicken response to major (and minor) shifts in the market. This is all borne out by the numbers. According to IDC, spending on BI software and tools in Central and Eastern Europe will rise to nearly $200 million by the end of 2007. Worldwide, spending on business analytic software alone will grow annually by more than 10% over the next five years, whereas in CEE the growth will be 20%, nearly double the worldwide trend.

IDC's Business Intelligence Roadshow CEE is therefore expanding from 9 to 13 strategic cities in 2007. Kicking off September 14 in Sofia and running through November 15 in Athens, the roadshow brings together analysts, BI gurus, and industry professionals to help new and experienced users get the most from BI solutions. This year, IDC CEMA is also launching executive workshops that focus on BI leadership within organizations.

“Looking for information online about how to effectively use the data flooding corporations is a lot like being adrift in the ocean,” said Tom Vavra, research director, Software, IDC CEMA. “It's a case of 'water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.' IDC roadshows have proven effective by introducing users directly to those able to help them put data to work.”

One of those people is Bill Inmon, president of Data Systems and widely recognized as the father of data warehousing. “Over 80% of the data in the corporation resides in a textual, unstructured format,” said Inmon, who has written 46 books and more than 650 articles on data warehousing, and will be presenting in seven cities (Bucharest, Budapest, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Bratislava, and Istanbul). “There is no question that there is a wealth of data there, but simple enterprise search is only the starting point. In order to do textual analytics effectively, the textual data must first be integrated. Otherwise searching text is like searching the Tower of Babel.”

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