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Trendy ve světě IT pro následující dva roky Paid article

Czech Enterprise Application Software Market Sluggish in 2007 as Large Lucrative…

Advanced Features in High-End Phones Help Drive Worldwide Mobile Phone Shipments…

Enterprise Storage Systems Offer a $1.3 Billion Market Opportunity to Semiconductor…

The Economy and Business Conditions Having More Impact on Small and Midsize Businesses…

Worldwide Business Intelligence Platform Market

E-Mail Will Lead the Charge Into Mainstream Adoption of Cloud Computing

More Than 50 Percent of Users Will Be Dissatisfied With the Slow Rate of IT Change…

Business Potential of Social Networking Web Sites Remains Largely Untapped

Security Delivered as a Cloud-Based Service Will More Than Triple in Many Segments…

Technology Will Play a Key Role in Helping CFOs Deliver Business Growth

Worldwide IT Services Market On Track to Grow 9.5 Percent in 2008

Future of TV Will Require Channel Integration

17 Countries to Surpass 60 Percent Broadband Penetration into the Home by 2012

Gartner Says the $100 Laptop Is at Least Three Years Away

IT Market Compensation Study Projects a Decline in IT Hiring

Blade Servers Represent Fastest-Growing Segment in Server Market, But Growth is Limited…

Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales on Pace to Grow 11 Per Cent in 2008

Organizations Should Not Prevent Participation in Social Applications for Fear of…

Companies Should Implement Information Access Technologies, Rather Than Buying More…

27 Technologies in the 2008 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies

Telecom Carriers Must Transform Their IT and Service Technologies to Support New…

Worldwide Mini-Notebook Shipments to Surpass 5 Million Units in 2008

Také CAD software musí přinášet obchodní hodnotu

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