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Konferencia TRENDY, STRATÉGIE A IT TECHNOLÓGIE pre roky 2008 až 2010

Unified Communications and IP Telephony Will Revolutionize the Way People Communicate,…

Securities Industry News and Financial Insights Release Annual SecuritiesTechnology…

IDC’s IT Service Management and ITIL Forum to Showcase How to Deliver High…

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Nokia and Samsung Continue Gains as Mobile Phone Volume Rises 13.8

Green IT a Natural Fit for Enterprise Executives

Worldwide Relational Database Market Increased 14 Percent in 2006

Worldwide Mobile Gaming Revenue to Grow 50 Percent in 2007

Portals, Process and Middleware Software Market Revenue

Worldwide Web Conference and Team Collaboration Software Markets

Instant Messaging Will Be De Facto Tool for Voice, Video and Text Chat

Lack of Governance Increase Risks of Failure in SOA Projects

Worldwide PC Shipments to Increase 11 Percent

Worldwide External Controller-Based Disk Storage Market

Worldwide Portals, Process and Middleware Market

Consumerization of IT is a Major Threat to Enterprise Security

Companies Must Embrace Consumer Technologies

Institutionalization of SOA

Modernization, Simplification, and Innovation

Worldwide Storage Software Market

Portable PC Adoption Accelerates

First Western European Forecast on the Femtocell-Enabled Mobile Services Market

IPv6 Will Be the Wildcard Catalyst

Mass Consumer Adoption of the iPhone Not a Certainty

DVD Burners Will Continue to be Dominant Volume Optical/Removable Product Until 2011…

The Legal Discovery and Litigation Support Infrastructure Market

Broadband Providers Will Win with Net Neutrality

Business Intelligence

Najnovšie trendy v sieťových technológiách

Four Messages That Define the Leading Edge of IT Change

The Future of Email

Era of Broad Server Virtualization Adoption

Western European VoIP Applications Market

Worldwide Handheld Device Market

Worldwide Disk Storage Systems

Server Market Momentum Continues as Consolidation and Virtualization Drive IT Infrastructure…