The ACON (Again Connected Networks) Smart Grids project

28. 06. 2018 | Comments [0]

The ACON (Again Connected Networks) Smart Grids project refers to the effort that will deepen and facilitate the cross-border cooperation between the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic at the Distribution system operator (DSO) level.

The project promoters are the Slovak DSO Západoslovenská distribučná and the Czech DSO E.ON Distribuce. The main objective of the ACON SG project is to improve the existing power distribution grid primarily in the border areas of both countries concerned, but the project activities will also impact other parts of project promoters’ distribution areas. This will create greater capacity for the development and connection of distributed electricity production and adequate space for possible connection of new distribution grid users in the region. Moreover, the distribution grid will be modernized through implementation of smart elements and new IT framework in order to create the “smart grid” energy network within the project impact area.


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