Atos - zrýchlite vašu cestu ku Cloudu

01. 05. 2012 | Komentáre čitateľov [0]

We believe that accompanying our customers in their journey to the cloud through cloud based consulting services is mandatory given the magnitude and complexity of change. Consulting projects will allow clients to differentiate 3 types of applications: First, applications that are standard. These applications will be available through our Entreprise Application store. My vision is to create an application store for enterprises where they can find the best applications in a cloud mode. Second, applications which are too customized to be available directly on our App store. For these applications our Open Development Platform will be available as a service to our clients and Atos developers. ISVs will also use it to prepare their applications for our App store. Last, applications that the customers want to keep in house. For these we have decided with our partners to bundle a best in class private cloud solution so that organizations can operate their IT in a cloud mode.

Jordan Janeczko, ASTOS




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