Big Data is not a sinecure for big vendors

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Every vendor in the data management space does Big Data. Or, at least, everybody talks about it, even when they don’t do much. Analysts firms, like Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC), comment on each vendor’s strategy, and produce rankings and market shares especially of the large vendors. Yet, these rankings may not be aligned with the considerable mindshare among open source and startup vendors in this space which is quite uncomfortable for big vendors.

PAC recently had a briefing with Datasift, one of the new software vendors surfing the Big Data wave. Datasift pulls data from news sources and social networks, especially Twitter, to help companies derive insights on any topic you may want to follow. Recently, they shared with PAC some data they pulled from analyzing all the tweets concerning Big Data posted in Europe last year. Datasift counted more than 2 billion interactions generated by almost a million different authors in 2012; that’s an average of 260 posts per hour, with a peak rate of 3070 interactions per hour!

So yes, people talk a lot about Big Data on the Internet. More interestingly, they talk more and more about it, as shown in the charts of the figure below. 504 178 posts in Q1, 819 075 in Q4! People post and read a lot about Big Data: myths and reality, real use cases, the human factor, ROI, trending technologies… and vendors.

Potential customers of Big Data solutions go to the Internet to find information and exchange with peers so that when they talk with their favourite IT partner, they’re able to make an informed choice even from a technical point of view. Datasift’s analysis of all the tweets on Big Data in Europe in 2012 tells us is that the most influential vendor on the Big Data market is an Open Source Foundation.
In our studies, PAC has already outlined that most innovations in Big Data came from or were developed by the Open Source community. But what is more surprising is the order of magnitude of references that Apache Foundation got compared to the commercial vendors in the list. This list clearly indicates a lack of mindshare among global vendors, especially when you compare big vendors results with smaller vendors’.
One of the most tangible effects of the Big Data wave is how it reshuffles the BI & data management market. And Datasift provides us further proof that established vendors must double work on their offerings as well as on their marketing and communication strategy if they want to stay ahead of the competition.

Megan Dahlgren, Principal Consultant, PAC

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