Cloud Services 2013: Key Trends

19. 02. 2013 | Komentáre čitateľov [0]

Cloud Services market which is already worth €100bn, is still growing at 20% per year, as it supersedes older styles of IT in many areas. No IT supplier or user can afford to ignore it – a truth that is now almost universally recognized. Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) observes very different dynamics and growth of the four core areas of Cloud – business process (BaaS), software (SaaS), platform (PaaS) and infrastructure (IaaS) – in the public and private cloud arenas.For Cloud infrastructure, private clouds (and hybrids) dominate, IaaS is already very significant, and also this is where most of the action in BaaS will be seen; whereas for software, public cloud solutions are the default in most new deployment situations and continue to grow in reach, although IaaS is growing fast and will be very significant in the coming years.

Thus most organizations will utilize a mix of both types of cloud for the foreseeable future and these will continue to take over from non-cloud architectures. Supplier companies have to understand this complex picture of dynamics, and their competitors’ responses, to optimize their strategies for success.

Cloud is also making things easier for new entrants to the market, as it lowers the barriers to entry in many ways – especially for software providers. Cloud deployment is becoming the default for new applications and for new suppliers of all types of IT service – from large-scale BPO for large corporations to accounting applications for micro-businesses, to mobile games development.

PAC sees that key drivers of cloud adoption are coming from six key topic areas. These are Mobility; Cloud Integration; Digital Marketing; Big Data; Testing (as a Service); and Government Cloud initiatives from around the world. All of these are having a significant impact today, and all will have an even greater impact over the next two to three years.



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