Eugen Schwab-Chesaru

Managing Director, Pierre Audoin Consultants

IT Services in Central and Eastern Europe region – trends and strategies

There are many times when making a difference just between Western Europe and Central and Eastern Europe is satisfactory. But most of the times such a comparison is not good enough. We, at Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC), like to actively go more in depth with our analyses and discover the similarities and differences between markets within a region, even for a small region such as CEE. Backed by our 10+ year experience in each market in the region, we will present our vision of the past, present and future development of the IT Services market in CEE, what were and are the key drivers of development, what were and are the key inhibitors for development. How long and why will the Public sector continue to be the number one spender in the region? How will the competition between local suppliers and international suppliers evolve? These, together with other facts, will be part of PAC’s keynote presentation.

Eugen Schwab-Chesaru joined the Bucharest team in February 1999 to help set up PAC’s subsidiary in Romania and he also led the launch of PAC’s SITSI® program of off-theshelf reports in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). His main responsabilities include heading PAC’s operations in Bucharest and the greater CEE area, as well as delivering strategic consulting to clients and parteners.


• Management
• Strategic consulting
• Business development


• Executive Director – Pierre Audoin Consultants – Bucharest, Romania
• Consultant – Pierre Audoin Consultants – Bucharest, Romania
• Charge dʼetudes – Pierre Audoin Consultants – Bucharest, Romania


• Bachelorʼs degree from Technical University of Civil Engineering, Graduate of Civil Engineering – Bucharest, Romania
• Scholarship for excellence from the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) – Lyon, France

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