Jeff Brindle

Technical Director, Critical Facilities Services, HP EMEA

Practical design of a modern data centre

I describe the development of a generic data centre design for HP’s own use, which will have a PUE of 1.2. I then go on to describe how ideas from this design were adapted to suit a new data centre design for a client who already had Planning permission, and therefore required a solution for a building whose outline was already fixed.

Jeffrey has over 25 years experience in consultancy, design and build consultancy, construction and project management. Throughout his career he has been involved with mission critical facilities in addition to a wide range of resilience upgrade and commercial projects. Jeffrey has specialised in the management of large plant and high technology projects, particularly data centres and dealers rooms. He is innovative and his experience ensures practical solutions are achieved with the absolute minimum disruption to existing operations.

National Communications Client UK – Lead designer and project manager of nine strategic sites upgrade – project value £55m.

Global Banking Institution UK – Project management and lead design of services for a £17m and further £11m refurbishment of an existing computer centre, consisting of 7,5000sqm of data hall space. Responsible for undertaking a feasibility study for the new computer centre.

Global Computer Service Client Sweden – Lead designer responsible for the upgrading of computer rooms at Kista, Sweden. Design and project management of the conversion of a 7,500 sqm ground floor area to a computer hall. Project value of £9m.

Broadcasting Client – Lead designer responsible for £11m upgrade for TV news.

National Government Communications Client UK – Part of a larger team designing and managing the transfer of the Organisation from multiple offices to a new centralised building in Cheltenham. Further details are classified.

Global Credit Institution UK – Design of services and project management of client’s existing 1,000 sq m computer centre. Responsible for undertaking a feasibility study for the new computer centre. Project value £6m.

Global Data Centre Provider Client UK – Lead designer of a multi-disciplinary team creating generic designs for highly secure data centres.

International Private Equity Investor – Lead Consultant for the design and construction of the first Tier 3 certified data centre in Russia

National Business Supplies Company UK – Design of services and project management of a new computer centre (as a design and build contractor).

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