Róbert Sándor

Country Leader IBM Global Technology Services

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I began my working career in 1986. During 23 years of experience in area of company’s operations I was responsible for building-up, developing, managing telecom operating companies, selling and delivering services. I was part of several start-up companies in CEE countries.

For the last 10 years I went through different positions in Systems Integration and Consulting businesses. In July 2000 I joined Logica, originally a UK based IT Services company. Since May 2006 till April of 2008 I was CEO for the CEE Region covering countries such as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary as well as some emerging ones. After leaving Logica did some consulting work focusing on CEE Telecoms and IT market.

In November 2008 I did join IBM as Associated Partner for GBS and became member of Executive Top Management as Global Technology Services Manager in September 2009.

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