State of Cybersecurity Report

15. 12. 2020 | Komentáre čitateľov [0]

This year’s State of Cybersecurity Report is loaded with research and analysis that will appeal to executives and middle management alike. Nation-state attacks, classification of nearly 1.1 million intelligence alerts, top malware categories, worldwide regulatory heat maps, budgetary trends, cyber investment hotspots, security metrics, security patent trends, start-up technology spotlights, post-COVID-19 cybersecurity roadmaps, and more – we have it all!

The points of view on the people’s perimeter, zero trust security, cloud permissions risks, and container security will enrich the dialogues on these emerging areas. An academic viewpoint on the government’s role in cyberdefense is expected to reignite the discourse on deterrence. The Future of Cybersecurity section highlights how cyber collaboration across critical infrastructure providers might need to leverage decentralized trustware networks during future disasters. The Security Trends by Industry section gives readers an industry benchmark of the cybersecurity landscape.

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