CRM: Customer Strategy and Technology Trends

12. 05. 2015 | Komentáre čitateľov [0]

Jim Davies, Research Director, Gartner

You need capabilities in all these areas for successful CRM:

1. CRM Vision: Building a market position against competitors with defined value propositions based on requirements, personified by the brand and communicated

2. CRM Strategies: Turning the customer base into an asset through the delivery of CVPs, Gives objectives (e.g., development) and how resources will be used in interaction

3. Valued Customer Experience: Ensuring constantly that the propositions have value to customers and the enterprise, achieve the market position and are delivered consistently

4. Organizational collaboration: Involving the changing of culture, structures and behaviors to ensure staff, partners and suppliers work together to deliver what is promised

5 Processes: Managing customer life cycle processes (e.g., enquiry, welcome, complaints and winback) and processes in analysis and planning that build customer knowledge

6. Information: Ensuring the right data is collected, and the right information goes to the right place

7. Technology: Involving data and information management, customer-facing applications and supporting IT infrastructure and architecture

8. Metrics: Involving internal and external measures of CRM success and failure

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